Brand Your Way to Success
Business & Marketing

Brand Your Way to Success

Author(s): Laura Allen

1.5CE credits 2 Lessons Video

Access branding tips and techniques for massage therapists to use, whether they are starting their practice or re-branding their businesses. Every business needs a brand to establish their presence within the community and to identify themselves from the competition. Discussion of many different components of a brand and use of real-world massage therapy examples makes the content relevant and easily applicable to massage therapists.

This course is presented with a video and audio component.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe what a brand is.
  • Explain the components of using a brand across different media.
  • Cite how branding and marketing affect each other.
  • Review how to market using a brand.
  • Delineate marketing tactics ad tips for starting from scratch ad re-branding.

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  2. Handouts and Resources

Laura Allen is the author of three books published by Lippincott, a well-known blogger, a regular contributor to trade journals, and the owner of a multi-disciplinary clinic located in Western North Carolina employing over a dozen practitioners.